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Nebosh HSW course is a basic level qualification in Nebosh to increase the awareness of employees in health and safety management system and to conceive the health, safety management system and their elements.

Anybody shall do Nebosh HSW course, who wish to start their career in Health and Safety field and enhance their profile.


Nebosh HSW divided into two units,
  1.  workplace safety foundations (HSW 1)
  2.  work place risk assessment.(HSW 2)


This unit fully focused to improve the skills of candidates relates to the foundation of health and safety and different types of hazards exist in the workplace and their nature and the control measures required to eliminate it. So the candidates will study in this unit.

Element 1: The foundations of health and safety
Element 2: The responsibility for health and safety
Element 3: Health and safety risk assessment and control
Element 4: Hazards and control associated with work equipment
Element 5: Transport safety
Element 6: Hazards and control associated with electricity
Element 7: Fire safety
Element 8: Hazards and control associated with manual handling and repetitive movement
Element 9: Hazards and control associated with hazardous substances
Element 10: Hazards and control associated with the working environment


In this unit the candidates need to prepare a basic risk assessment.


40 questions multiple choice questions (MCQs) examination and a practical risk handling test.


          3 days class at the end of the session examination is conducted.

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