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Diploma in Construction Safety training is a blooming career course that has recreate popularity with each passing year. This course generates numerous career opportunities and this program trains the learners to explore the value of safety that enable them to become a professional expert. There is a misinterpretation that fire and safety professionals are hired only by fire brigades and firefighting departments. 


Safety professional is very promising and important career they ensure safety of worker in the workplace and also, it’s a legal comply to appoint safety officer in the workplace.

There are several jobs that you can apply for with fire and safety qualifications.

  1. Fire Sub-Officer: At fire brigades and fire departments of companies.
  2. Fire Officer: Also, at fire brigades and fire departments in the corporate sector.
  3. Safety Officer: Large companies, banks, petroleum, and energy firms, electricity generation plants, printing presses, large residential complexes, construction companies, hotels, and hospitality industry, among others.
  4. Fireman: A general term for first responders to fires. This is a position you can apply for with a basic fire and safety certificate. There is no dearth of companies looking for firemen.
  5. Safety Engineer: Required by all industries. However, safety engineers are in great demand in oil and gas companies. Lucrative salaries are paid to safety engineers posted on oil rigs, refineries, and related installations.
  6. Risk Assessor: Insurance companies and banks hire fire and safety professionals as risk assessors. Work includes assessing threats and risks posed by fire to places such a residential complex, hotels and restaurants, fuel stations and other locations.
  7. Fire Investigators: Fire investigators are hired by insurers and banks as well as fire brigades. Their job is to investigate the cause of a fire, find lapses in fire prevention and detect arson.
  8. Safety Instructors: This is a very important designation in any major company. Safety instructors train employees about how they can respond safely and extinguish a fire. They also teach emergency evacuation techniques and first aid.
  9. Loss Prevention Experts and Consultants: Another great job you can find at insurance companies as well as banks and hotels. Loss prevention experts find ways and means to curb losses in the unfortunate event of the fire breaking out. They recommend ways and means to counter fires such as identifying key locations where fire extinguishers, safety alarms, and other related equipment should be installed.
  10. Logistics Fire and Safety Experts: Ensuring fire and safety of cargo, especially hazardous and highly inflammable shipments of petroleum products, noxious gases, firecrackers, explosives, and chemicals is very important for a country like India. These experts play a key role in ensuring that no undue mishaps occur while ferrying inflammable cargo by road, rail, and sea.
  11. Equipment Testing Experts: Unknown to most people, fire extinguishers installed at residential premises, offices, workshops, and factories need to be refilled every year. Additionally, these extinguishers need to be tested to ensure the firing pin functions properly. Equipment testing experts also check stuff like instant availability of water from fire hydrants, test fire alarms, and similar equipment.


The average remuneration earned by the students who have successfully completed the course ranges between INR 15,000 to 25,000 per month which can increase with higher qualification and experience.


Due to the epic growth in safety we enhance to provide an inevitable prospect to learner that make our learner career accomplishment to a laudable flair so we make the course of fire and safety as

  1. Getting job within 3 months of enrolling the course.
  2. Industrial visit for 3 days (visiting the company where they join for field training).
  3. High tech training with innovative mode of coaching.
  4. Excellent career support
  5. +17,560 learners are remunerated in a well-established firm so far.
  6. For promoting the individuality of learner, we offer additional course such as Spoken Hindi, Spoken English and Basic computer knowledge.


Mode of Training


1. 3 Months Class TRAINING COMPLY with International STANDARD
2. Classes are conducted by experienced faculty with presentations and videos
3. Weekly once assignment submission
4. Weekly 3 days class test
5. Monthly once model exam
6. The end of training semester exam is conducted
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