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Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering

Nowadays there is a huge demand for this program that makes eligibility for safety officers in India. It’s also a one year program that creates competent safety professionals and prospects. This course deals with construction safety, fire safety and Industrial safety so the learners can have job security.

We also offer One Year Safety Diploma Courses in Different Sectors & Different Specialization.

Course offers

  • 1.Diploma in industrial safety management
  • 2.Diploma in fire and safety management
  • 3.Diploma in offshore safety
  • 4.Diploma in construction safety management
  • 5.Diploma in electrical safety
  • 6.Advance Diploma in Occupational safety, health and environmental management
  • 7.Advance Diploma in fire and industrial safety management
  • 8.Diploma in fire and safety engineering
  • 9.Diploma in fire and safety engineering techniques


DIPLOMA IN FIRE AND SAFETY is a 1 year safety course, our institution has +12 years of experience we offer 3 months classroom training and 9 months industrial training. In classroom training, we also offer spoken English class,spoken hindi class and basic computer knowledge which helps to develop the skills of our students. In industrial training, students are trained under MNC Enterprise that paves the way for adequate field experience to become a competent safety officer.